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Super Cool Rewards for top performers*

Making money is fun, but getting fun things for free is even MORE fun!

50 Accounts Serviced

2 Free Meals On US! Once you hit 50 serviced we’ll take you to Topgolf and Dinner is on us! TWICE!

75 Accounts Serviced

Custom Flex Hat. You design it, you create it, we make it and it’s all yours!

100 Accounts Serviced

For those cold rainy days, these Flex jackets are able to keep you warm and dry under any conditions.

125 Accounts Serviced

A Custom Oakley backpack?? Whether you’re in school or just need it for a carry on for all your traveling flights, everyone needs a solid backpack.

150 Accounts Serviced

                      👆👆👆CLICK ME!!!!! 👆👆👆

A CRUISE!!! 5 DAYS 4 NIGHTS TO THE CARIBBEAN!! All you can eat food all day everyday and night! Free self serve ice cream machines! Unlimited personalized pizzas! Cheap shore excursions! If you’ve never been on a cruise, you haven’t lived life yet.

175 Accounts Serviced

JBL Charge3 waterproof speaker! With deep bass and crystal clear highs, this speaker can go with you anywhere! If it falls in at the pool party, party on because it’s fully waterproof! And if your phone runs dead at the park? Pull your cable out and charge your phone from your speaker!

200 Accounts Serviced

Customized NikeID shoes! Yes, you get to customize your own pair of Nikes! All the way from colors, to what is written on the tongue tag! Do you like a nice clean black and white shoe? Or do you want every bright color out there? You choose!

225 Accounts Serviced

RAYBAN STORIES?! If you haven’t heard of them, stop whatever you’re doing and google them right now. You instantly turn into iron-man. They can record video, take pictures, play music, answer calls and they charge in their case! Get ready cause these are amazing!

250 Accounts Serviced

Airpod Pros! Doesn’t matter what’s going on around you, you could be in a Metallica concert and you hit that noise canceling and you’re jammin to your 2pac in no time. Surround sound feel and deep base, plus everyone thinks you’re cool.

275 Accounts Serviced

Surround sound system! With the wireless sub and surround sound speakers it will always feel like you’re inside the movie, or front and center at your favorite concert!

300 Accounts Serviced

A 50 INCH SMART TV!! That’s right, you just won your very own 50 inch HD Smart TV! Pair this with your surround sound you just won and you have your own home theater!

*Must have above 92% easypay. If the prize isn’t wanted, it can be traded for equal cash value.

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