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Mike Parker

Mike Parker

Mike grew up in northern California as the youngest of 6 kids. At the age of 17 he moved to Idaho where he started college at Brigham Young University - Idaho. While attending college he was introduced to one of the owners of the fastest growing pest control company in the nation where his addiction for Door to Door sales started.

His first summer in just 6 weeks he made over $11k and won a week cruise to mexico for 2! After that, he was hooked for life and the pay just kept going higher and higher.

With his drive and determination to better himself and improve his skills he was able to make $40k his second summer, $85k his 3rd, and into the 6 figure range in 4 months or less every summer since! Because of it, he has learned some of his most valued life long skills and abilities. But it didn't stop with Door to Door, that was only the beginning.

The job opportunities and offers that have come his way have usually come from multi-millionaires asking for his help in their business with sales. Anywhere from houses, to cars, and everything in-between. But he chose to stick with pest control and became a business owner before the age of 30 with the ability to choose his own hours, and able to provide a better living for himself and his family.

Now all of his pride and work goes into helping others achieve their goals and aspirations. He has traveled the nation training sales reps and attending seminars to help everyone be able to hit their personal and financial goals. Whether its knocking doors with them or doing one on one training, he is willing to do whatever it takes to help take you to the next level! Don't believe it? Call or text him yourself!

Eldon McKinney

Eldon McKinney

Eldon grew up the youngest of seven on a family farm in his early years and learned the value of hard work. Eldon truly has an entrepreneur's heart, demonstrated since his early teenage years. He started and owned his own horsemanship business, construction company, online agriculture store and recently ran an award-winning pest control sales team in one of the toughest markets in the country. Over a 16-month time frame, he has led teams that generated over $4.3 million in revenue. Prior to his leadership, this location had never exceeded $1.4 million in revenue in the same time frame.

Eldon is a family man who has deep convictions in regards to values, morals, and principles. He served a two-year, full time proselyting mission for his church. Here he also demonstrated perseverance and leadership as he was asked to lead over 250 individuals with the President over the mission area.

Flex Pest Control, like most successful businesses Eldon has owned and operated, grew out of a desire to offer more value and higher quality. In his first horsemanship business, Eldon grew up seeing the “Old school” way of horsemanship that got the job done but wasn't the best way. Understanding there was a much better way to train a horse, for both the horse and the owner, he set out to teach himself and was able to deliver. He has been in the pest control business for six years and knows better than almost anyone the legitimate complaints customers have in other pest control businesses and he is focused on offering the very best service available to any consumer. His mantra has always been “Do what is right, let the consequence follow”, and it has served him well in life but most especially in businesses.

Eldon loved every second of studying business finance in college and has been stated as one with an acute mind and keen business acumen. It won’t matter if you are a customer (see Flex Pest reviews!) or employee (Eldon had the highest producing office in a national company. Leading his team to the highest average production per individual). You will benefit from Eldon’s deep understanding of business paired with his unmatched ability to offer the very best in all he does. If you notice a trend, you will see that the owners of Flex Pest have complimentary strengths that serve employees and consumers very well. You are in great hands with Mike and Eldon teamed up at the helm. Have questions about business, working at flex or the industry in general? Give Eldon a call and he will give you honest and sincere answers.

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